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Logo Labels

Select your favorite design(s) from our list and we will print YOUR NAME in the ink and tag color of your choice. LABEL SIZE: 1" x 2".  SEWING ALLOWANCE:  1/8" ALL AROUND. Standard orders ship within 15 WORKING DAYS. Rush orders ship within 6 working days.Call, fax or email us to place an order.




Logo Label Design
4D Logo Label Design


Logo Label Design


Logo Label Design
7D Logo Label Design


Logo Label Design


Logo Label Design
10D Logo Label Design


Logo Label Design


Logo Label Design
13D Logo Label Design


Logo Label Design


Logo Label Design
16D 17D 18D
19D 20D 21D  
22D 23D 24D  
25D 26D 27D  
28D 29D 30D  
___50 LABELS $20.00
(Florida residents add 7% for sales tax)
___100 LABELS $30.00
(Florida residents add 7% for sales tax)

For Mini-RUSH Manufacturing (within 6 working days) add $5.00

For Standard Shipping & Handling, add $5.90

For Priority S&H (3-4 days), add $5.50+standard shipping
For Express S&H (1-2 days), add $26.00 (AK, HI & PR $30.00)+standard shipping

1. NAME _______________________________________(Up to 16 characters)

2. LOGO(s) # ___________________(For additional selections use a blank sheet)

3. PRINTED INK COLOR 1st Choice ______________   2nd Choice _______________

4. FABRIC COLOR ___ White  ___ Black___ Ivory  ___ Tan  ___ Silver

5. GRAND TOTAL $________________

Prices are subject to change without notice.
If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-944-4696 or e-mail us.
SHIP TO: (Please print clearly.)  No P.O. Boxes for UPS or FEDEX
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Address/Apt.# :__________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: (      )________________________________________________________________________
Work Phone:  (      )________________________________________________________________________
Payment Method: ___Check   ___Money Order   ___VISA   ___Mastercard   ___AMEX   ___Discover
Name on Card:_______________________________________________________________________
Card #:____________________________________________________________  Exp. Date:_______
Print this form to complete your order and email, fax or mail, with payment (no COD), to: